Furniture Detail Paint Brush Kit l Zibra brand for furniture refinishing, 5 piece kit!

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The right combination of brushes to tackle any furniture refinishing project. The furniture kit includes the following paintbrushes: 1- 1" Round, 1- 2" Palm Pro Cut In 1- 2" Chiseled Wedge 1- 1" Square 1- 1" Triangle Brush The furniture paintbrush kit also includes a small canvas bag for convenient paintbrush storage! The kit comes packed in a canvas bag with tags as pictured Also includes a brush care card inside each kit Includes 5 Zibra paint brushes Extremely smooth and easy painting Contractor construction with aluminum inserts 25% more proprietary white filaments in each brush head Maximum pick up & release of paint through micro-tip flagged filaments Unique hourglass handle design - no more sore hands!