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Droplets Set of 2 **Furniture Moulding ** Applique** Wood U Bend** decorative piece

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Wood Furniture Appliques The fastest, easiest way to add elegance to any piece! Adorn and accentuate mantels, furniture, cabinets, craft projects and much more WoodUbend mouldings are heat bendable appliqués. They are used to embellish just about any plain surface such as wood, glass, MDF, books, and more! These lightweight mouldings can be moulded to any contour, with the help of a little heat from a simple hair dryer or heat gun. They have all the properties of wood, so they can drilled, stained, painted, sanded, and varnished. Get step-by-step instructions on the Dixie Belle Paint Company Blog. Each measure: 2" x 2.5"