Bristle Magic Art and Craft Brush Cleaner and Rejuvenator

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Bristle Magic Made from recycled ingredients; It's Carbon negative Non-Flammable and has no harsh fumes The most sustainable brush cleaner available anywhere More biodegradable than sugar and it's water washable Can rejuvenate any and all craft and art brushes "even dried on paint can be removed" Proudly Made in the USA Now painters no longer have to worry about hazardous fumes and toxic cleansers when cleaning their valuable paint brushes. Bristle Magic is a non-toxic brush cleaner and reconditioner perfect for cleaning both wet oil paint and wet or dried acrylics from artists' paint brushes! Made from 89% post-consumer recycled materials, it is eco-friendly, non-flammable, petroleum free, and has low VOC. Simply wipe wet paint from brushes and gently swish in a container of Bristle Magic, then reshape the bristles — or allow dried acrylic to soak until loosened. For cleaner, more conditioned brushes and a safer studio environment, Bristle Magic is the ideal choice!