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3 Wick Soy Candle Sentiment " Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon" ** Bergamot Scented**

SKU: pkcan5
NOT hand made but from one of my favorite American wholesale companies. A frosted glass vessel holds this soy-based wax candle with a refreshing Bergamot scent. Box sign style art features "Don't Tell Me The Sky Is The Limit When There Are Footprints On The Moon" sentiment. Candle is 14 oz. and contains three fabric wicks for a total of 30 hours of burn time. Includes a plastic wax cover for protection and a polished look. Dimensions: 14 oz., 4.50" Diameter x 3.25" Material: Soy Wax, Glass Product Text: DON'T TELL ME THE SKY IS THE LIMIT WHEN THERE ARE FOOTPRINTS ON THE MOON